Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When I was a little girl...

I have been thinking alot about childhood lately. I guess that is one of the hazards of working with children. At lunch yesterday, I watched two 5 year old girls whisper secrets to each other as they ate their sandwiches.

I miss the security of a good friend to confide my deepest secrets to. Like if I thought the dark headed boy in my class was cute or that I had a new unicorn with a blue mane to add to my collection.

Maybe it's not the being able to tell someone, but the innocence of the secrets I miss. My secrets are more serious and grown up now. Like how I fear I will be alone for the rest of my life.

I miss the days of princesses and unicorns. I miss the days of believing anything can happen and the days of knowing there will be someone to take care of me.

I miss my innocence. I still retain some to a degree, but I know things are not all they are cracked up to be.

But we must all grow up, move on, live life. My life is what it is. There will always be children to remind us of the things we've lost...and the things we've gained. Thanks for reading.


This is just a quick post to give my readers the latest news.

First, I absolutely love my new job. It is so much fun. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I want to run from the building screaming. For those who don't know, I am working at the St. Mary's Summer Care. It is like day care, but cooler.

Second, I have moved!! I found a roommate online and we are hitting it off. I love my new apartment. It has a HUGE kitchen which I love. It is only five minutes from work and less than a minute from my church.

Third, I am now the proud owner of a liter of Mexican vanilla. The really good stuff. It is like liquid gold, if you are a baker of any note.

Well, that is really all the news I can think of to tell you. Thanks for reading.