Monday, February 28, 2011

New Poem

Beauty is My Name

The pain echoes off my hollowness,
resounding in the dark.
I am empty, bleak, full of nothing.
My weary body shakes loose.
The lonely agony begins, spreading
further in my soul.
The tearing fibers of disappointment,
rending me in half.
Darkness. That is all I see.
Pain. That is all I feel.
Emptiness. That is all I hear.
Gone. That is all I am.

Brilliant light flashes; darkness flees.
Pain changes into burning heat,
searing me; an ache so deep,
It resounds through my being,
Giving me strength I do not have.
I feel Him lift me up; His arms
around me unbreakable.
His presence; His love seeps through
my skin, repairing damaged parts;
erasing broken hearts.
He whispers my name, the tender
syllables, gentle but indestructible.
The sweetest sound imaginable.
Flawless in His eyes, I am new!
Brand new, shiny new.
Beauty is my name!

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