Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Home is where the heart is...or at least your furniture.

Well, the director of the camp I live at told me yesterday I need to find somewhere else to live by the beginning of December. At first, I was a little upset. I thought, "That's it. I'm done. I am going to have hang my head and go back to Texas a failure."

After shedding a few tears and feeling sorry for myself for about 20 minutes, I realized this just might be the push I need to get out on my own. I will be getting a little money back on my student loans so I will soon be looking for an apartment. I am going to start looking in Saraland which is a little north of Mobile.

My main concern is I have no furniture. Not a single piece, at least not here in Alabama. The few meager pieces I do have are all in Texas. I have to either find a way to have them brought here or go and get them. I am still working on it.

The camp had its 5K run on Saturday. We had 46 runners and walkers. It was a great success and Sunny hopes to do it again next year. I volunteered and had lots of fun helping. The staff also had another gathering on Saturday. This time it was just us girls. We watched movies and played sardines. We had a great time and I enjoyed seeing all of them. Chelsea and Kaiti stayed the night with me and Chelsea went to church with me the next day. It was fifth Sunday singing so we had a wonderful noon meal. We didn't get to stay for the singing because I had to have Chelsea back at the camp by a certain time so her mom could pick her up.

I ordered my books for my classes that start on October 22nd. I am taking Bible 104 and Theology 104 at Liberty University Online. I had a little trouble getting it rolling because of a mistake on my part, but we got everything settled and I am now ready to start learning. Yea!!!

Again, thank you all for praying for me. I am still in need of your prayers and will probably remain so for a while. It is tough trying to get out on your own. I am only just now realizing exactly how hard. I know God is watching out for me and will take care of me. Thanks for reading.

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