Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Time is ticking....

I have become all too aware of the passage of time. Yesterday, I was walking back to the Island and I looked over at the sun. It looked worn out and sad. It was also lower in the sky like it just didn't have the energy to stay up any longer. It made me realize I was looking at an ancient object. My meer 26 years are nothing compared to the thousands of years the sun has been shining.

I have also noticed all the leaves on the ground. I know it is October, but it does not feel like it. It has been in the high 80s for the past two weeks. I cannot believe fall is already here. I had hoped by this time to have gainful employment and be on my way to my own place. Things just aren't working out like I thought they would.

A huge branch from one of the pecan trees at the camp fell yesterday evening. Thankfully it only fell on a lamp and they were able to straighten it back out. The good thing is the pecans were ready to be picked. There are pecans all over the ground so Sunny and I went and gathered some of them. They are very tasty.

I am thinking about going home. I mentioned that things just haven't worked out the way I thought they would. I had a lot of support from my local friends when I got here, but that seems to have petered out for whatever reason. Every week that passes reminds me I have one week less to find somewhere else to live. I don't even have a job yet. I do have an interview tomorrow to work at the portrait studio at the Sears in the mall.

I am not taking this decision lightly. I know God brought me here for a reason. Maybe I have fulfilled that purpose already. I am prayerfully considering all my alternatives. I am taking part in Tres Dias in a couple of weeks. Tres Dias is a weekend retreat similar to Walk to Emmaus. I feel I will be able to answer some of my questions at this weekend retreat. Please continue to pray for me. Thanks for reading.

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