Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It is raining. A good old slow soaker kind of rain. The air is just chilly enough to need a light sweater. The air smells clean, scrubbed of its pollutants. Every once and a while, I get a little chill. I am thinking about making a cuppa. Some hot tea would be a pleasant treat on such a day.

I subbed in the fourth grade today. At this school, the fourth and fifth grade classes go to a different teacher for different subjects. The teacher called me at 7:15 this morning. I was still in bed, but I was on the road by 7:35. It was an easy assignment. I watched the beginning of The Waterhorse four times. I still have no idea how it ends, but I am very familiar with how it starts.

I am subbing in Montessori tomorrow and Friday. I love subbing in this class which is good because it will be the class I am a teaching assistant for next year.

I should be writing a research exercise right now. My summer class started this Monday. It is the History of the Christian Church I. I have a paper to write every week. I apparently am the only worried about it. Everyone I tell this to says I will have no trouble writing. If I think about it, they are right. I love to write.

I have been thinking about old friends this week. I miss them and long for the camaraderie and fellowship they brought. I have thought about contacting one, but I am too much of a chicken to call him. I am not sure how my call would be received, nor what I might find at the other end of the line.

It is raining. The gray skies weigh heavy on my soul. The poet within me is restless and stirring. I can feel the words filling up my mind and fighting to get out. But they are vague and formless. They are merely sensations, feelings, grievances. I am tired and bored. I would like to call a friend to go grab a cup of coffee or see a movie. It is raining. Thanks for reading.

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Mea said...

Ginger!!!! Guess Who??? so i havent read your blogs in like forever! so i had to catch up! which, by the way, took a really long time!! girl i know your fingers have to hurt after typeing as much as you do!!! LOL! So im really glad that your uncle is doing better!!! thats awesome news! so, as ive been getting ready to head to camp for the summer..ive been think about how sooooo... different its gona be this year.. i just found out that kaitibug decided not to work, and Miles is not eather. which means that Daysha,Jakefus, Kaitibug,Sunny, mr. kevin and his family, Jonathan, Jenia Skipper,and you will all not be there.. i start crying when i think bout it.. if you know what i mean.. anyway!!! now to not so much depressing stuff!! Today(15th) is Jenos Bday!! i think he's 17!

So i have to go now.. but i miss you tons!!! and congrats on getting the job at the school!!! thats awesome!!!

Luv ya girl!! luv your lil elf friend, MEA

ps. i think i know what friend you want to call but your to skared to..and i think you should!!! you deffinitly should!!! Dont be chiken now!!! LOL. L8er!!!