Monday, May 5, 2008

The sun always comes out!!!

Yeah, I know. It has been a while since I wrote and even longer since I wrote anything good. But the good news is the situation with the friend has been remedied and I am over that; my uncle is on the mend and may go home by the end of the week; and I now have a really good shot of moving out this July. So no more depressing and dark posts. Yea!!

I am very excited about my new job. I will be a teacher's assistant in the 2 yr old class. I am very excited to be working with these kids. The teacher is about my age and we get along great. She was so relieved when she found out I would be the one working with her next year. This job doesn't start until August so I needed something to get me through the summer so I am going to work in the extended day program at the school. I will be on a break from classes after July 4th so I will start looking at apartments then. I am so excited. Hee hee!!

The weather today has been ominous. Amarillo has been surrounded by storms all day. The air has teased me with its elicit promises of moisture but it has failed miserably at keeping that promise. I miss the rains of Alabama. When it promised rain, it delivered with so much force, you almost felt as though you were drowning. I miss that. I miss precipitation. I miss green things, even.

They say it may rain tonight after midnight. I would love to stay up and see if it really does, but alas, I have to get up early to substitute. I miss listening to the rain on the roof. I miss smelling ozone as it wafts through the air and the gentle rumble of thunder. The Panhandle is infamous for severe thunderstorms but as of right now, we haven't had any. I love a good thunderstorm. *sigh*

Tomorrow evening, I am going to the drive-in with family. We are meeting at my aunt's house. We will then load up my cousin's truck with pillows and food and then head to the drive-in at dusk. We are watching Iron Man and Drillbit Taylor. I am very excited. I love going to the drive-in. Especially with my cousin and his truck. So fun!!!

Well, that is all I can think of to tell and it is time to watch "Big Bang Theory" so thanks for reading!

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