Sunday, November 11, 2007

My new ride...

I left work Friday night and headed towards home. I was really excited because our 8pm appointment hadn't shown up and we had actually gotten off work on time. I was particularly excited because Alex and the girls were at camp. I was actually going to get to hang out with them before I had to get to bed.

Feeling pretty good and listening to some Relient K, I started merging onto I-65. As I started to speed up, I realized that my car sounded kind of funny. I turned off Relient K. Yeah, it did sound a bit funny. I looked down at the speedometer to see how fast I was going. According to my car, I was going 0 mph.

That wasn't right because...well...I was moving. I decided it was no big deal. I could still get home. I would just make sure at least one other vehicle was going faster than me. By now I was on I-65. So I start speeding up to merge with traffic, but my car felt and sounded weird. it was revving really fast, but I wasn't speeding up. It was then I realized my car wasn't shifting out of first. Not good.

I exited at Dauphin and stopped in a McDonald's parking lot. I sat for a little bit hoping that maybe it would just go away. It didn't. So, of course, I called my mother. I didn't know what else to do. After talking to Mom for a bit, I decided that my best bet was to call Kenneth.

So I called him and he gave me a few tips. He couldn't come help me because he was in Prattville. I decided I would try to get it home. I would just have to go VERY slow. Back onto I-65 I went.

After a little bit, my Check Engine light came on and I started to smell something. I exited the interstate again, this time at Springhill Dr, and stopped at a Shell station. I sat in my car and tried to think of someone else to call. I decided to call my pastor. The part of town I stopped in wasn't the best. It was a bit scary. I was praying very hard at this point.

My pastor and his wife were very kind to come and help get my car towed to a mechanic in Saraland, even though I made him miss his favorite show. They even paid for the tow. But the most extrodinary thing is the fact that his wife let me borrow her car. Below is a picture of the actual vehicle I am driving.

For those of you who are not familiar with cars, that is a candy apple red 2000 Ford Mustang SRS. She let me borrow her 'Stang! It has been a little weird driving this sporty little thing. I have decided I would never want to own one. They attract too much attention. More people, especially guys, have waved at me in the last two days than in the three and half months I have lived here.

My Dodge is still at the mechanic's. They are not going to even look at until Tuesday I think because they are closed on Monday. I am hoping it is something simple like a sensor and they can fix it quickly so I can return the 'Stang.

In other news, I made a plan this morning in the shower. I do some of my best thinking in the shower. Here is my plan: 1) Monday morning I am going to tell my manager that Thursday will be my last day at Sears. 2) I am going to spend the weekend hanging out with all my Alabama friends. 3) I will leave in the wee hours of the morning on the 20th and head to Texas. 4) I will spend the holidays in Texas. 5) I will return to Alabam in January.

I know I am meant to be at this camp but I don't think the camp is ready for me. There have been alot of things happening and I believe God is preparing it for something. I hope I am a part of that something. Until then, I am going home. This is all dependent on whether God intervenes.

So everyone in Amarillo, I will see you in a week or so. Everyone in Alabama, if you want to see me before I go, you have until the 19th to come see me. Thanks for reading.

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