Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update on Esmerelda

If you are confused by the title, it is because you do not know that my car has a name. Yes, I named my car. Her name is Esmerelda. I call her Ezzie, for short.

I was able to pick up my car this afternoon. When I talked to Eddie, my new mechanic, he knew exactly what I was talking about before I even finished telling him what happened. Apparently on newer cars, if the speedometer quits working, the transmission doesn't know when to shift so it doesn't. So praise the Lord, it wasn't my transmission and I only had to pay $120. If anyone in Saraland needs a good mechanic, I have one I highly recommend.

So my trip home is still on. I will be heading out very early Tuesday morning and driving all the way through. It is a 15 to 18 hour trip. Mom is worried about me driving that far by myself. She has offered to fly down and drive back with me. I like this idea because 1) I miss my mom and 2) it would make the drive much more bearable if I have someone to talk to. The only problem is it would cost about $550. She has the money, but that is alot of money to spend on a plane ticket just to meet up with someone.

Please pray for my health. I am battling a particularly nasty cold. I haven't been able to get proper rest because of work and school so it is only getting worse. Thankfully, I am off tomorrow. I plan on taking it easy, very easy. Thanks for reading.

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