Saturday, February 9, 2008

Exhaustion and dancing...

I am tired. I subbed all week long and six year olds can really wear a girl out. It didn’t help that I was up at 6:30 this morning because I had a ton of school work to do. I got most of it done, but I still have another chapter to read and a midterm to take by midnight tomorrow.

I have been asked to post another poem so here it is. It is one of my mom’s favorites. This is a piece I wrote when I was serving as a summer missionary in Memphis, TN in the summer of 1999. I had just graduated from high school so I was only 17. The band that did our praise and worship introduced me to a praise song that has become one of my very favorites. In the chorus is the line “there is nowhere else that I’d rather be than dancing with you as you sing over me.” Dancing with God? Can you imagine? The thought had never occurred to me. Being raised in a Baptist home, you can imagine how much effort I had to exert trying to wrap my brain around that image. This poem is the result of that effort. Thanks for reading.

Dancing With God

I stand alone, broken and humble.
You take my hand, twirling me.
With perfect grace and time, you dance along.
I feel safe and secure as we dance toward morning.
Love sweeps us up, awesome love.
I stumble and fall, but you pick me up with ease.
I am carried along in your arms, ever rejoicing.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Another poem!! Yes it is a little difficult to think that someday our Father will dance with us!!! And to tell the truth, it seems so far off, when we finally meet our Father face to face, that sometimes we forget that thats what lifes all about, living this life for Him so that we will be able to dance with our Maker!!! Well, i'm not an elf!!LOL!! Sorry! If thats what your looking for!!! I loved your poem!!! Thank You!!!! Your poems really make me think!!! Have a Great day!!! And dont let those kids wear you out to much!!!!

Ginger said...

Again, thank you so much for your enthusiasm. It is refreshing to (sort of) meet someone who appreciates my work. I do plan on posting more pieces in the future, but I must warn you, some are very dark and depressing.