Friday, February 15, 2008

I will survive...

I survived Valentine’s Day. I always do, but there is still that linger doubt every year of whether I will make it through one more. I even got some chocolates from my father. Mom and I watched Music & Lyrics (Which is slowly becoming one of my favorites. In fact I am watching it again as I write this. Hugh Grant is hilariously sexy in this movie.) Then we found out my sister was going out with friends, so Mom and I went and got some Japanese take-out, went home and watched Chocolat.(Another of my favs. I watched it the first time because Johnny Depp *sigh* is in it. Of course, he is only in it for about 45 minutes, but it is still a great story.) Then we devoured some of the chocolate Mom got from her students. So really, all in all it was a good evening.

Well, they are forecasting lots of nasty cold precipitation in the morning. Just the thought of it makes me shiver and cringe. Have I ever mentioned the fact that I HATE the cold? I mean I HATE it. I don’t use that word very often. In fact, there is only two things on God’s green earth I can apply that word to without reserve: cold and spiders. I will probably spend the day cleaning and studying.

I have decided I need to grow up. I think I have said this before. I think it is time to quit chasing this dream of going back to Alabama. I am going to go ahead and send my application to the camp, but I am also going to start applying for jobs here in Amarillo. I am so ready to move out and start being independent. I came to the realization I have been trying to get back to Alabama so hard, I have missed the fact that I am here in Texas. Maybe the reason I hadn’t been getting any answers was because I already had them. I was just being too stubborn to see them. That is not to say that Alabama is totally out of the question; I just may not make it back any time soon.

I am in need of prayer, not so much for guidance but for a break down of will. I need to be content with my situation as it is. When He sees fit, God will change it. This will be a daily struggle for me. I also ask for prayer in staying in the Word and in prayer. I also have an unspoken request. So I am signing of for now. Thanks for reading.

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