Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So here I am...

So here I am sitting in a hospital waiting room. My uncle is having brain surgery today. He has swelling and bleeding on his brain. They are going to go in and try relieve it. They tried medication but it didn't work.

So here I am worrying but feeling like I don't have anyone to confide in. I can't talk to my best friend. My other friend is inaccessible. I feel numb. But that is not too surprising. I have felt numb for a while. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever feel anything again. That is not entirely true. I do feel things. I felt happy yesterday.

So here I am listening to Relient K. They are my favorite band. I love their lyrics and their guitar riffs. They are the band I turn to when I need comfort. I guess maybe that is what I need. I need comfort.

So here I am. Thanks for reading.

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