Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Man, I have a headache...

I was planning on writing a blog yesterday about how well my uncle was doing, but we found out yesterday afternoon he was going back into surgery today. He just got out and is doing fine. He will spend the night in ICU but the doctor is hopeful. Thank to all those who were praying for us.

In lighter news, I have a job lined up for next school year. I am going to be the teacher's assistant in the 2 yr old class at the school I sub for. It doesn't start until August so I am going to see if I can work in the extended day program this summer. I am very excited. It will be so much fun and I will get to work with a really great teacher.

So now I am sitting in the surgery waiting room. We are waiting to find out which room he will be in. Because he will be in ICU, we won't be able to visit him until 8pm. Of course, I don't think he will be very coherent this evening. If you had a part of your scull removed and then had your brain drained, you would be a little out of too. Wouldn't you?

So there you have it. Thanks for reading.

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