Thursday, September 11, 2008

Falling leaves...

The last few days have been cool and rainy here in A-town. It has been rather fall-like and very pleasant. I was actually able to wear my new hoodie I bought back in the spring. The weather has put me in the mood for hashbrown soup and spiced tea. For some reason, I keep smelling apple spice.

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite season was. I always laugh when this happens. I don't have one. What I love is the changing of seasons. I love the time between the seasons when the world transitions to new appareal. I love the cool evening at the beginning of fall, the warm afternoon of early spring, the crisp mornings at the cusp of winter and the bright day of the young summer.

Alright. Enough of the poetic stuff.

My roommate told me last night she is planning on being completely moved out by October 10th. This gives me about a month to find another roommate. I know the perfect one is out there. I am just waiting on God's direction. I have to remind myself daily that He will take care of me. I have nothing to fear.

I am still loving the apartment. I enjoy being in town again. I enjoy being only 5 minutes from work and less than a minute from church. My roommate being out by the 10th works really well for me. My classes are over on that day and I will have a week before the next session starts. This means I will have extra time to move more of my things from my parents' house and work on arranging my apartment the way I want it. I have all this stuff I have collected over the years and most of it I have never been able to use. I am very excited about it.

I still love my job for the most part. There are those days when the end of the day can't come soon enough, but there will be those days anywhere I work. Our class is now full. We have 10 students ranging from age 18 months to 2 and half years. The biggest challenge is only one of them is potty trained. We spend alot of time in the potty. And I mean, alot.

Today was the first time we had all 10 of our students at once. I think the morning went really well, even if we weren't able to outside this morning because of the rain. Instead, we watched an episode of "Blue's Clues" (because we are studying the color blue) and then we danced ourselves silly. No, we didn't shake out sillies out or wiggle our waggles away, but we hokey-pokeyed and jumped around like chickens. It was great fun.

I guess that is all I can think of for now. Thanks for reading.

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