Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The new kid, the bloody tissue and the ugly shirt...

I was very angry this morning. Furious, in fact. We were given a new student today. That means we have eleven students. We were promised we would never have more than ten. I was very mad.

My teaching partner knows me really well. She came to the room and told me to go take a walk. She didn't ask or suggest; she told me to go take a walk. She's a smart lady. Of course, it helps that I am very much like her husband so she knows how to handle me when I am upset. Being the smart lady that she is, she knew a walk was what I needed.

I went out into the morning chill. The crisp wind evaporated quickly on my anger-heated skin. I breathed in the fresh air deep into my agitated lungs and just stood there for a minute. I was back under control so I went back to the class.

I felt the tickle of moisture in my nose so I went to blow my nose. When I brought the tissue away from my nose, it wasn't white. It was bright red. It didn't take long for me to realize my nose was bleeding. And bleeding alot. I had never had a nose bleed ever in all my 27 years. Not even when I got elbowed in the nose playing gutter ball in high school.

I went up to the restroom to clean up, but it wouldn't stop. I sat in a chair in the hallway trying to make it stop. It took eight tissues and ten minutes to staunch the flow. Then back to class I went after I had thoroughly washed my hands, of course.

We had a special event at school today. We were given t-shirts to wear. I had told them I wanted a large. When they brought the shirts, all they had were extra large. I went up to the restroom to change into my shirt. It was way too big. I looked like a little kid. That was it. Standing there, looking at myself in the mirror on the verge of tears, I made a decision. I was going to call my mother.

I made a quick call and told her I needed her to start praying for me. I was losing it. The broken promise, the bloody nose and the too-big shirt had used up my emotional reserve. I didn't mention to her the fact that the shirt is yellow and I hate yellow shirts. But knowing Mom was praying made me feel a little better so back to class again.

I am happy to say the day only got better from there. We still have an extra student. My nose still hurts terribly. I still have a yellow, extra large shirt. The difference is someone was praying for me at a time when I just didn't have the engery to pray for myself. I felt God's peace come over me. My patience for the children returned. My whole attitude changed.

I found out the extra student was an accident. Our boss apologized and explained it was a mistake on her part. My teaching partner thinks I busted a vessel in my nose because I was so angry. I think it was because of allergies. Maybe we are both right.

The whole point of this post is to stress how important it is for Christians to pray for each other. I know I would still be in a sour, grumpy mood had I not called on a sister in Christ to intercede for me. My day may have even gotten worse. Ever since my church started having Wednesday night Bible study, I have been attacked almost mercilessly on Wednesdays. I have even joked that Wednesdays are my Mondays.

So now I am sitting here during naptime thankful God is looking out for me. He is always there for me. I do not deserve the blessings He gives me but because He is a loving, kind Father, He takes care of me. Thanks for reading.

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