Friday, September 26, 2008

The ABCs of me...

I found this on a blog I try to read daily. You should check it out. I have never done anything like this on my blog so this should be interesting.

Accent: Yes, I have one. When I was in Alabama, I was constantly picked on for the way I pronounce my long I.

Breakfast or no Breakfast: Breakfast is my favorite meal, but I rarely eat it in the morning. I would rather have it as dinner.

Chore I hate: I absolutely abhor doing floors. Sweeping, mopping or vacuum. That would be the perfect punishment for me.

Dog or Cat: At the moment, my dog and cat are at my parents' house. Jigsaw is a beautiful doberman/lab mix. Callie is an obese, neurotic calico.

Essential Electronics: Laptop. That's how I do all my school work. And my stereo. I would go completely batty if I couldn't listen to my music.

Favorite Perfume: My favorite scent is Rainkissed Leaves from Bath and Body.

Gold or Silver: Silver. Definitely silver. I have issues with the color yellow. I just don't like it. I will wear white gold beause it isn't yellow.

Handbag I carry most often: The one I am carrying at the moment is a dark khaki green one that my cousin gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It is huge and will carry all my junk.

Insomnia: I have trouble sleeping occasionally. Usually it is stress or caffeine related.

Job Title: Teaching Assistant.

Kids: If you have been a regular reader for a while, you know the answer to this. If not, let me tell you. I don't have any, but I am very ready to be a mom.

Living Arrangement: A great apartment in Wolflin with a huge kitchen. I have a roommate, but she is moving in the next couple of weeks. Anyone need a place to live?

Most admirable trait: I am really good at telling people they are wrong without making them mad. I guess you would call that tact.

Naughtiest childhood behavior: Probably picking on my little sister

Overnight Hospital Stays: Never

Phobias: I am terrified of spiders. Irrationally so. I would probably take a flying leap off a cliff if a spider was blocking all other means of exit.

Quote: "It is good to experience the bittersweet, to taste defeat and then brush my teeth." Relient K

Reason to smile: Chocolate, roses, puppies, babies, sunshine.

Siblings: One sister. Three years younger.

Time I wake up: Anytime between six and seven. Except on weekends. Then I get up between eight and ten.

Unusual Talent or skill: My elbows are double jointed so I can turn my hand completely around. Freaks people out when they see. I love it.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Celery. Cannot stand that stuff.

Worst Habit: I don't know...popping my knuckles, I guess.

X-rays: Never had one, but I have had an echo done on my heart. It was rather embarrassing.

Yummy Stuff: Chocolate. Chicken Scallopini from Johnny Carino's. My momma's brisket. My grannie's pickles. Cookies.

Zoo animal I like the most: I like the big cats. All of them. They are so majestic and feral.

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