Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Room for rent...

Why don't girls want to live with me? I have known for almost 3 months I was going to need a new roommate. I have been looking for one since the day I found out. I put an ad on roommates.com. That's where I found my current roommate.

So far I have been contacted four times. The first one was a 21 year old girl. 21 is still too close to 18 and I have no desire to leave with a 21 year old no matter how mature. The other 3 have been guys. One was 19 and didn't even tell me his name. He just gave me a number to call. Ain't happening.

The other two were actually potentials. Both of them were 25. One is being transferred to Amarillo. He works for DishNetwork. I could probably get free cable. He also works long hours so he would rarely be home. The second one seemed like a pretty decent guy, too.

I have no problem living with a guy if he is willing to live by the apartment rules and pay his share. There are perks to it, too. The added security of having a guy around. Most guys are hard workers and would probably be consistent in paying their part of the bills.

There are downsides too. My biggest concern about living with a guy is what it would do to my witness. Most of my neighbors know I am a Christian. They know I am a religion major and they know I attend church regularly. They also know that I am single. How would it look if, all of a sudden, I was living with a man I am not married too. Even if we weren't doing anything wrong, it would still look bad.

I asked my paster what he thought about this situation. His advice was to hold out for a female roommate. I am going to try and do that. God will take care of me. I just have to trust His timing. So if you know of a female between the ages of 24 and 30 who needs a cheap place to live, send her my way. Thanks for reading.

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